Thursday, September 27, 2012

Knife is Coming Along

Been busy working on this Bowie, finely getting around to posting pictures.

Here it is in the etching stage, The acid revealed a lot of defects and weird coloring problems in the steel.  

A small crack in the tip from drawing it out while forging , This will be ground of.

Preparing the Guard, spacer and Pummel.

A Few sketches I did.  iv'e decided to go with the top one.  Also showing the clip point ground of the knife to get rid of the crack, the pummel has been rough ground to shape as well.

Preparing the handle materials for softening, this will make it much easier to drill the holes for fitting them on the Knife. 

The Forge


I'm leaving the metal in the forge to cool as slow as possible. This will help the metal stay soft.

The Blade still needs etched and polished a few more times.

After I will hopefully get some better pictures showing the texture of the metal.

Thanks for viewing!