Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Progress on Camp Knife #1

Been Working on #1 (for lack of a better name)

Filing in some grooves for better grip.
I believe this is called "jimping"

The new Grinding jig worked out very well.

Im at a bit of a stand still right now because I chucked my drill bit set out the door.
VERY poor quality, I broke all the smaller ones then the larger ones started snapping even under very light pressure.

It could be my drill press, the chuck has a nasty wobble.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Finished the Sheath

The finished sheath.

Its my first one and I made a lot of mistakes,  the next will be much better.

My friend took it home yesterday ...I miss it already.

Grinding Jig

A jig I made for grinding better bevels

The two bolts on the bottom go through the angle iron and tilt the jig to whatever angle I need to grind a bevel. 

I haven't tried it yet cause I need to increase the table length on my belt sander to 20 inches. I have a 20 x 5 x 3/8 plate I will use. Its on the thick side so its very heavy.
This will allow me to drag the jig along the plate.


Here is an example of how it will work

The only downside of my jig is that its so big it forces me to use a big table. But it will be a lot more stable then a smaller one like in this picture  ....I hope